The Great Divide

On one side gather those who believe that fear and loathing are important, necessary, and ineviatable. They fear that peace is impossible; they fear that they will lose their undue power; and they loathe goodwill as some kind of socialist (anti-capitalist) evil. Their fear and loathing make it impossible for them to experience peace or goodwill; and they wrongly identify opposition as more of their own hatred.

This group rages. They misconstrue objection as hatred. They thrive on selfish greed and exploitation.

On the other side gather those who believe that peace and goodwill are necessary. At their best, those in this group truly do not experience the fundamentally selfish attitudes of loathing or fear. This group knows that peace and goodwill are possible because they actually experience it in their lives. This group wants others to share in the beneficial experience of peace.

This group does not exercise blind obedience, but rather considers each action in terms of their intention to share peace through goodwill, to do no harm, and to "love one another as I have loved you."

The Government and its large corporate media bullhorns, create and maintain this divide for the purpose of keeping "the people" from uniting against them.